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I hear stories of people paying more than $200 a month for cable, and think.... well, maybe I can't express it.

We cut the cable years ago. Here's some info from our story.

For a long time we had Netflix. Since they were still mailing out DVDs for rental to people, I think. Last year we cut them off, for mostly personal reasons. Too much dark, violent, immoral and unpleasant content. We just couldn't find anything we wanted to see any more.

Cue Acorn T.V. Its British shows, with some Australian and even less New Zealand content. Like. For $4.99 a month (USD) we got lots of interesting shows to watch. But they don't update often enough, so we began to look for something new.

Cue Amazon Prime video. I think that one is $6.99 per month Canadian. It's a multi-faceted package, with video, free and fast shipping on Amazon purchases, and a music component too. Sounds great, but they didn't last long. In fact after the free month, I thought I'd cancelled it, but somehow it kept going and they charged me card. Okay, let's try a couple of months. Maybe three was enough. We don't buy enough at Amazon, the music streaming is about like Spotify free, although admittedly without the ads - you have to pay more for the full experience. And the video content, which is why we really bought it in the first place..... nah! Lots of old movies you've seen already, or shows you may not want to see - we definitely didn't. What to do? You can't get Hulu in Canada. There are only so many "Got talent" videos I can watch on Youtube....

Cue Britbox. $9.99 a month. We're only just in the door, but first impressions, it looks good. There is a lot of old content, but good shows, if you like T.V. from the UK. BBC and ITV got together, and filled our screen! We'll see. Maybe an update in the comments section as this experience unfolds.

BTW. We use a ROKU to stream. There are also lots of free channels, which do provide some interesting content. Makes your dumb t.v. a smart t.v.!

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